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Nikolitsas S.A. - Froots Hellas


Profil Nikolitsas S.A. - Froots Hellas

The Spyros Nikolitsas SA company (froots Hellas), has been founded in the early 80s, having as main activity the cool storage of apples.

Since then, and by following the trends in the fresh fruit market, the company has implemented a series of investments, expanding thus its activities in sorting, packing and trading of fresh fruits.

Our facilities are located in Agia Larissa (Central Greece), cover a total area of 5000 m2 and include a packing house and cooling rooms equipped with Controlled Atmosphere and Ultra Low Oxygen technology.

Around 7.000 tons of fresh fruits are annually supplied in the domestic and international Markets, quantity that is constantly increased (year by year).

While quality and food safety is our main objective, all processes in our facility meet the HACCP principles and are certified according to the GLOBALG.A.P & IFS food standard. Furthermore, we collaborate with experts of the Fresh Fruit sector as well as research institutes, in order to sort, pack and trade a wide range of fresh fruits (apples , pears, kiwis, cherries, quinces, strawberries ,citrus ,chestnuts , nectarines, etc) that meet National, European and International legislation and Standards.

Given we strongly believe that all our activities have to be in line with the international standards of corporate social responsibility, we always make sure that we behave in an honest and ethical manner against our employees, colleagues and customers.

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Thessaloniki International Exhibition & Congress Centre154 Egnatias Street, 546 36 THESSALONIKI


Phone: +30 2310 291 161
Fax: +30 2310 291 554