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‘’Velvita’’ by Asepop Velventos




ASEPOP VELVENTOS is an agricultural cooperative which was founded in 1917 and consists of 400 producers with main activity the produce of fresh fruits. The facilities of the cooperative cover area of 40 acres, where you can find administration offices, 13 cooling chambers of controlled atmosphere, warehouse of agricultural supplies, warehouses of agricultural materials, machinery. Also, there is a branch store in Athens central fruit and vegetable market. ASEPOP VELVENTOS employs 14 people personnel permanently, while during the peak of summer season employs 100 people as session personnel.

The products of the cooperative are fruits as peaches, nectarines, apples, kiwi, plums, quinces, apricots, cherries and some vegetables in smaller quantity. The total production exceeds 15.000 tones. The disposal of the products is conducted by ASEPOP VELVENTOS to big super market chains in the domestic market. Moreover performs exports to Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Slovakia, Cyprus, Egypt. Total volume of exports is about 50% of the whole production.

ASEPOP VELVENTOS is certified by ISO 9001:2000 ISO 22000:2005 and Globalgap and applies system of integrated management in agricultural production. Also, applies the pioneer system called sexual confusion of insects, which minimizes the use of pesticides, making the products safer. Last years there has been a collaboration with other cooperatives which produce similar products and entrust them to ASEPOP VELVENTOS for the selling.

ASEPOP VELVENTOS invests more than 100.000 Euros on restructuring of its plantations yearly, spends about the same amount in promotion and advertising and participates in international exhibitions in countries such as Germany, Russia, Ukraine, UAE. Also is the representative of Greece in the European conference of stone fruits, taking place in France.

The products of the cooperative are recognizable in international markets so much so the demand is high and in some cases the availability of products is not enough for the entire demand. For this reason there is a strict selection among those who are interested for its products, in order to succeed in long term and steady partnerships.

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