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Kea Imathias


Kea Imathias

The Association of Imathia's Agricultural Cooperatives is a unique joint-venture of the 8 largest Agricultural Cooperatives-Producers Organizations of Stone Fruits in Greece.

The Association, as well as the Cooperatives-Members, are all located in the Prefecture of Imathia, one of the richest and most experienced areas in the production of Stone Fruits in Greece.

The Association has been established with one simple goal; to provide customer satisfaction by being a one-stop-shop from the Greek suppliers market of Stone Fruits. Reaching a production capacity of more than 100,000 tons of only Fresh Peaches and Nectarines (about 30% of the total Greek Production), the Association can ensure continuation of loadings, matching of supply and demand, easy communication, compliance with demanding specifications, as well as consistent dedication in quality and food safety issues.

The model used by the Association and already being tested is very easy to follow and customer friendly; the Association is receiving the demand and the orders from the customers and is spreading the demand to the 8 Cooperatives-Members. The Association is responsible for the quality control and the compliance with specifications and finally, the Association is invoicing the customer. In other words, the Association is functioning as a bridge to fill in the gap between the supply and demand, answering to the multi diversity of the Greek suppliers market and making customer's life easier. There is no need for the buyer to contact all 8 Cooperatives. There is also no need for the other buyer's departments (logistics, IT, quality control, accounting etc) to contact the respective departments of the Cooperatives. The Association is doing that on their behalf, providing easy communication as it is the only entity that the buyer communicates with. The easiness and the reliability of this model has proved to be the best way of collaborating with well-known Super Market chains all around Europe, collaboration that will continue in the future in a more intense way.

The Association ambition is to become one of the major suppliers of Fresh Stone Fruits in Europe. The following facts are contributing to this direction:

• 3 Factories for Juice and Canned Fruits
• 10 Processing Facilities (processing, sorting and packaging) for Fresh Fruits
• 4.770 Member-Growers of Fruits
• 8.850 hectares of Cultivating Land
• 136.639 tons of Fresh Fruit Production in the year of 2017

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